ForeZorba Vikash Kumar is Mindfulness Coach, Spiritual Quotient Trainer.

Don’t let emotional blocks and psychological fears of unknown control you. Set yourself free. Confront your fear and turn the emotional blocks into building blocks on the path of success.

ForeZorba is in expert panel of many decorated forums. Read his thought provoking articles in National/International Self-Help magazines & Astro-Numero Magazines. Follow ForeZorba in twitter & FB to read his latest published articles. ForeZorba's book on self-help will be released soon. Contact office for an advance copy.

HE and MWZ

ForeZorba Vikash Kumar is Mindfulness Coach, Spiritual Quotient Trainer. He has founded Mantra with Zorba (MWZ) in 2007 and served as chief counselor during 2007-2010, and promoted company since then. He possesses the unique combination of Hospitality Degree and around 10 years of Counselling Support experience. It is a real wonder that he is fascinated by people & change and passionate about performance and bringing out the best in Leaders and Organizations even under the most difficult circumstances. In a world where changes have accelerated to a level where most leaders feel -driven by change; it is our challenge to develop leaders who will actually -drive change. We have no choice but to reinvent ourselves and our organizations continuously. Only those who are today’s ‘drivers of change’ will be the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’.


Born in India, Mr. Vikash kumar holds a Bachelors degree in Hospitality & Hotel Administration from Institute of Hotel management- Bangalore. Starting his career in hospitality he realized the value of professional skill enhancement with super sensibility in refinement of intellect. And success of an organization depends upon the opportunity given to its employee in developing as people. He embarked upon his journey as consultant & Strategist Counselor along with occupying a Management position in a PSB (Govt. of India). He began his corporate career in training with his self designed development program.


ForeZorba’s thought provoking talks with calibre of impromptu to speak on subjects like spirituality, psychology, management, relationship, life appeals in the long journey of life. ForeZorba has a unique way of relating issues discussed in any problem to what needs to be done to remedy any situation. He has ample practice in techniques of thought analysis, astrology, body language, voice tone reading, meditation and more fields that make him such a rare youth counselor to find. Transmitting extra ordinary vitality and exalting energies, he has reverted back many a one from, seeming unreasoned problems, miseries and even from the verge of self- destruction. In ordered way they are living more pleasant and conscious life. Consciousness attained by passing through the confluence of thinking and observation consolidated those inwardly as well as outwardly.