People usually seek astrological advice for betterment of life by achieving success in profession, business or for gaining money but consultation for health and wellness is also observed. People take help of this ancient sagacity in devastating or troubled situation where medicines seem to be not much effective. Medicinal science has a limitation in treating many diseases and symptoms as it takes human being as just physical body and avoids in understanding the astral body. Many-a-time remedial astrology works parallel to the medical diagnosis of human being. Astrology, along with other ancient wisdom is regarded as quackery and mere superstition by a segment of people who like to be called intellectuals by demeaning this subject.

  Authenticity of this subject has been questioned many times, but prevalence of this has not been restricted. Until 17th century astrology and health has no separation when the world view of the universe arrived through the Newtonian world machine. They both were complimenting each other. Hippocrates once said, “A physician without knowledge of astrology cannot rightly call himself a physician." Sir Isaac Newton introduced the theory of reductionism supporting deistic view that god has created the world as a perfect machine that then required no further interference from him and material reality, and its operation could be understood by the process of taking matter apart and studying it piece by piece. Following the suit, western medicine started to view the body as a machine. Disease and body have got isolated, and holistic approach has diminished. Medicines treated body as cold machines without feeling and thoughts thus made psychology a different faculty.

  The linear deterministic approach to nature and body promoted a fragmented perception of health, and a loss of the ability to foresee, to adequately evaluate, in all their complexity. This approach of Reductionist theory in medicine has divided whole body in parts and generated so many specialists for treatment. Biologists are heightening its approach but reaching its limit. Despite their best efforts, scientists are far from winning the war on cancer, owing largely to the complex nature of both the disease and the human organism. Health problems project through symptoms whose causes are not just the physical issue but any aspect of life, which affects a person as a whole. Your relationship, the environment you living in, unresolved stresses, the food you eat, traumatic events, psychological issues, mental issues and even spiritual matters make you unhealthy.

  Medical astrology treats a person from a point of holism. It attempts to see the related parts and the imbalances therein. Here with your birth chart, we essentially look at the flow of energy from one planet to another and how they then are all related. Interestingly enough, the more ancient disciplines such as Chinese, Tibetan and Indian medicine continue until this day to incorporate an integrated view. The demarcation between Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Oriental Medicines, Ohashiatsu, Reiki and other with astrology is very narrow, and they are interlinked too. The openness of the comprehensive perspective of various pathy allows for more possibilities, helps a person to see the underlying causes and supports them to take responsibility for the imbalances they are dealing with.

  Interestingly, here we are returning with the knowledge of the ancient medical astrology where this is attuned to the reality that any factor could be causing problems with one’s health, whether it was something, they could or could not see. Fortunately, more and more doctors are furthermore seeing a need for a more holistic perspective; maybe in the future there will be more doctors who in addition incorporate astrology with their health care practice.