I take this opportunity to praise all the women and men in the government and civil society who are working for women’s empowerment and gender equality and presenting our Corporate Women centric Development Programme suiting their inordinate emotional core.

  This day is not just for celebration but to introspect with the decisions you took, activity you did, chances you grabbed and choices you made through which you have come to this stage in realm of women’s empowerment but also for making strategies for overcoming hurdles lying in the path of complete freedom and equality with men.

  Achieving gender equity is integral to the success of any company, our society, our country. However, women everywhere face gender-related constraints that limit their productivity. Women are more emotional than their counterpart who always plays a pivotal role in making decision which in certain circumstances fructify but not in most of the time.

  Our (MWZ) contribution by way of help extended to women is much evident since 2007 where through counselling we empowered women in dealing with their domestic complications as well as professional difficulties. With constant pull for a program for corporate women, by the companies, in the process of induction of our Corporate Behavioral Counselling and Dynamic Constitution of Meditation, I am happy in introducing this women centric counselling on this day, for working women in corporate environment-including housewives who used to work at certain point of time. (Details available with our office)

  I believe you can restrict deviation by way of emotion and harness intellect and understand meaning and value of true freedom. The price of freedom is paid for by the courage of those who are ready to fight for what they believe in. An appeal to all – believe in capabilities of fairer gender. We simply cannot afford to waste this invaluable human resource because, in an increasingly global and knowledge-based economy, without the full and active participation of women, we all know that we cannot succeed.

  But fostering healthy participation is of utmost importance. Sealing thought with the words of OSHO-“I am all in favor of women’s liberation – but not the way the women’s liberation movement is going. It is taking a reactionary attitude; it is not a real revolution. It is trying to imitate man. And remember, imitation never makes you equal; imitation at the most will make you a carbon copy – but the original is original.”

  The age of discrimination is over. The definition of gender equality is far reaching. Strength of women is being redefined. Attitudes are being redefined. At MWZ we believe that the women should strengthen themselves faster with healthy attitude for growth that is good for all. It is in this spirit hold our hands and make us serve you better.