Meditation a much discussed thought among various demographic distributions, at a different level of depth in today’s busy and stressed scenario has restricted it at the level of table talk, chitchat or for increasing information level; barring a bunch of spiritual guide and the professionals who sell it in a very lucrative way. However, there are other common people who are much busy in their job and upkeep of their family and simultaneously stressed, unclear and not able to maintain a healthy mind set. Hence, let’s start with in-depth knowledge about the methods of meditation, which can be practiced in busy schedule along with keeping all promises at the level of person and profession.

 What is meditation?

 Meditation is therapy or mitigative approach to get rid of psycho-physical unease or its exercise and techniques to keep one uplifted or its handy tool to spiritual practitioner or a theme applied differently at the different requirement. However, the bottom line of all these is that it’s gotten used in every walk of life from to the office, in schools to old men clubs to name a few. The very word meditation is no more applicable to the person in their later half of life or some godly thing. It’s making foothold in the every age group for every good reason. And slowly-slowly it’s improving its structure and sheen with a proper experimentation by deserving people.

 What is meditation used for:

 Besides reducing stress, getting happiness with peace of mind, increasing concentration, and discovering purpose of life; people use meditation along with yoga to help treat a wide range of physical and mental problems, including:

 For whom meditation is:

 Experiments conducted on groups, and individuals have shown a marked decrease in stress and fatigue levels and a remarkable boost of positive energy. So applicable and suitable on everyone- parents, mother to be, students, professional, businessmen, artist, couple and friends. Each of you will find in these meditations the help you need to overcome your difficulties and move to a greater level of well being.

Meditation is a gift from saints and sages bestowed to human being. Hence meditation is meant for ALL.

 How to come in meditation mode:

 Writer has always insisted and made it clear that meditation is not a process, its state of mind. However, achieving that state, one needs to follow course or set of action. Effectuating a set of task on the body is much easier than working on mind directly. As its evident that postulating of a body can be taught but restricting mind is much arduous. Moreover, we can never locate a mind in our body but definitely its controlling part of system and can lead towards positivity or negativity, depending upon the moulding of the same. So we will start with first technique in a series of meditation course.

  A unique combination of Bhramari Pranayama with Lotus Posture which keeps away much physical disorder (respiratory, digestive, insomniac, blood circulatory) at the bay. For practicing this technique, choose a quiet place at your house where interference of others is minimal. While facing east, sit in the posture of Padmasana, while keeping your spine erected. Close your eyes slowly and start humming. The sound should resonate in your system, and your body will feel a slight vibration more to the throat, and diminishing towards lower part of the body. The sound should be loud enough to make that desired vibration. For those who have not understood the term humming, a clue can be taken as- pronouncing the word “OM” while keeping your mouth shut.

  Take deep breath and do humming properly. This is required to be done for 30 Mins. And then for 15 Mins in Shavasana with a thought of gratitude. Practice this process continuously without giving a single-day break and let this meditation make you calm and be stress free in any situation posed to you and increase concentration power as well as intelligence. The movement of breath in right rhythm with sound vibration in a nostril generates laughing properties and gives a soothing mind frame. And hence with regular practice gives you immense joy to live. For reaping the maximum benefits out of this meditation, make sure that you are doing this at the same place and on the same time.