Meditation is not a process; it’s a state of mind under which we carry day-to-day work also. Its sheer lack of expressiveness in our voluminous lexicon that for an all embraced phenomenon, we are using this locution; which mean different to disparate people and institution. Once the word which was containing much water in it, is losing its sharpness and quintessence as it’s becoming a way to rate income

  The non-doers functioning which lead to the enlightenment or bring around this perennially desired mental stature can be summarily appellation in the meditation. It should not be confused with the yoga, which sells faster than some fast food items, by some ostentatious but well organized so called Gurus in this over stressed world. In this liberalized economy, a mint is showering on a larger chunk of developing society. And pretentiously, but suitably, according to their strategic execution scheme, attired person is taking his own pie performing the spiritual entertainment! Yes, everything done in the name of spirituality is nothing but spiritual entertainment. One acquires every way to attract and gather mass and amiss is a deep communion with individual. And result is in no transformation; not even a slight change in their hearts. For their whole life people go to them and come back the same. Just as they go to theatre and come out the same. It is entertainment and nothing else. An owl that has got night bound eyes can roam in dark only and becomes blind to the light generated from any source. So, mystery of light cannot be unveiled by an owl. People are attuning themselves to the spiritual entertainer for all wrong reasons and it becomes tremendously ego-fulfilling from both the ends. Peer into within and around in unison then outcome will be perceptible.

  Let slip the meditation in you by the way of contemplation. It should not be part of the day, time or life, but it can be core or centre of your very existence. Contemplation reflects in every activity with unique result, if you are not prejudiced  Now, one can say I am brainy, performing cogently, and not predisposed and I think before act. But is your brain learning? That is the whole point. So contemplate on this- learning for most of us is the experience gained, tangentially or vicariously, for a process of acquiring knowledge. Knowledge makes a place in the system and converts itself to the memory. The response of memory is thought and then, as you say, from that thought action takes place, from that action you learn a little bit more and hence the cycle gets repeated. Since the inception of man, this course became pattern and we are still at it. So come out from the rut and perform a non accumulative perception-action using unprejudiced brain. Keeping innocency like child, you can see the core and contemplation can start. But you can’t, obviously, if you have a certain set of beliefs, ideas, concepts, and conclusion and so on as all partisan is equally same in the path of contemplation and consecutively towards meditation.

  To the writer, this is utter reality, not something verbally accepted because it is pleasant. It is the actual. So be liberal to the writer and look forward logically, reasonably, sanely and contemplate.