Numerology, the science of numbers, has the potential to bestow you with all you ever wanted. But, what is numerology? Is it a part of astrology? Does it really work? If your mind is surrounded by such questions, this article by Mr. Vikash Kumar is just the right thing for you...

  Numerology is that segment of esoteric sciences, which helps you in realizing your full potential. Studying it as science of number and its influence on human life is interesting. This is a very beautiful subject, as it not just foretells the future and analyzes the past events, but also handover the keys to explore potential and destiny. Pulsating in vibration of numbers gives you enormous benefits. Know about them better here:

1.  SWOCh analysis:

  It helps brilliantly in analyzing your strengths, in knowing your weakness (why a particular person has certain weakness not others), grabbing in opportunity best suited for you. It also tells about the challenges you will face and the lessons you will learn from them.

2.  Spiritual awareness:

  It instills realization of certain circumstances and that’s why this phenomenon in a certain way gives it a realm of subject of distinction. When you will know the Karmic lessons, it will certainly through you toward spirituality “AS IT IS”.

3.  Compatibility with others:

  : Every person vibrates on certain number and its energy. One can find a compatible person according to that.

4.  Number characteristics:

  There is nothing arbitrary about joining the number 8 with materiality and financial success. Its very structure attaches it with the same line that goes upward and after touching a height, comes downward. Since matter is never static, it’s always changing; in the same manner, the form of each number has a meaning associated with it.

5.  Professional suitability:

  One can not only find the suitable field to pursue better career success, but also the company to deal with. It is not just about numbers and calculations, but the person taking responsibility of numerology should be clairvoyant, as with only nine numbers we are looking into each aspect of different person.

  People usually think that a name change is the field of this subject and changing name can bring good fortune. But, ‘potential’ is of utmost importance and a change accordingly can bring happiness.

  Relation between Numerological Calculations & Karma

  A person comes into a life at a certain time and with a certain name, not as a matter of chance, but as a matter of choice for learning few lessons. These lessons are situations and experiences that one failed to meet and cope with or that one met and misused in past lifetime. These unlearned parts of our past life force us in various ways to learn those things in the present life for the completion of life circle.

  This incomplete part for a person is Karma, which leads us toward the path of super consciousness or enlightenment. We will be forced to next life, if we fail to learn and imbibe those Karmic lessons in this life.

  Numerology is based upon the fact that your birth name and birth date are not a matter of chance and there is no reason to argue with the theory that they have a definite effect upon your life. One’s Karmic lessons can be found out with numerological calculations of your name. Each alphabet has its own number or vibratory influence, although there are letters with the same number. Life’s lessons are contained in the numbers 1 to 9.

  The Karmic lessons are calculated by missing numbers in name or can be seen in the inclusion table, which is known as ‘numerological chart’.

  For better understanding of Karmic lesson of a person, let us take an example of a name, say Narendra Modia:

N A R E N D R A   M O D I
5 1 9 5 5 4 9 1   4 6 4 9

  So here we need to see the numbers which are missing from numerological calculation of this name

Number Representation (times)
1 1's
2 0's
3 0's
4 3's
5 5's
6 1's
7 0's
8 0's
9 3's

  Consulting the example above, we see that the missing numbers are 2, 3, 7, and 8. This shows that there are four Karmic lessons. To know exactly what this person has to learn in this life, we need to understand the lessons attached with it and its relevance with the person’s life. Karma makes you to understand your being and learning that requires change, which life poses in front of you. Karma answers the reason behind your first reactions and initial deeds or days, whereas learning improves your life according to the lessons learnt. Life brings situation once and again, so that you learn it.

  So, now understand Karma and lessons of our example.

Number Karma Lesson
2 He has avoided cooperating with others and failed to learn and need for tact, patience and consideration of others feelings. Life will present him with opportunities to help you realise the need to be sensitive to other’s thought and feelings, to make sacrifice for the sake of getting along well, to learn the importance of attending to small things.
3 He has failed in learning to express himself and have tried to withdraw into his own little shell. Often this desire to hide causes poor posture round shoulder and a tendency to keep arms folded across your chest. Situation will be such in lifetime that he needs to be called upon to speak his mind. And overcome fear of his tendency to apologize for being what he is.
7 Salvation lay in living a spiritual life. At the same time spiritual life all too often meant being shut off, great discipline, penance and abstaining from most of the pleasanter things in the world. In this life there will be many opportunities to see things properly in favour of faith. He will need to make time in his everyday schedule to be alone with his thought so he can look closely at all things and search truth.
8 He has tried to avoid the personal, family and physical aspect of life even material. The big lesson is never to use money, success, power or anything solely for self advancement. If you do, there will be consequences with loss of health, happiness or contentment.

  Can Numerology Help A Person To Be Redeemed Of His Karmic Account?

  Pythagoras has well said in sacred discourse, “Number is the ruler of forms and ideas, and is the cause of gods and demons.” And when the world is built upon the power of numbers, one can definitely redeem by following numerology.

  Every person has to fulfill his Karmic lessons for coming out of this rut of life and death. When a soul has learned all of the lessons, it does not have to reincarnate on the earth plane anymore. But, even after completing lessons, some soul choose to come on this earth too. These souls decide to come back to give service and in some cases to perfect their learning to an even greater degree.

  Karma makes you aware of “why you are so”, your material, social, personal life, even your gesture and posture. Lessons in this life bring you the truth “what you have to do”.

  Numerology deals with many enriching aspects of life and is not limited to Karmic account only.

  Is Numerology Related To Astrology In Anyway?

  Numerology and astrology have in common the belief that a person comes into a life at a certain time, which is predestined. But, astrology as a whole has been practiced before numerology. Numerology has been originated with civilization and advancement. You can understand it better with an example:

    Astrology: physicians and  Numerology: specialist

  Competition between the two takes out the essence. With numerology, one is able to get part of the picture, add astrology; and your picture becomes complete. Although each of these sciences may cover some of the same area, but they also specialize. They each have a way of reinforcing the other and at the same time tell something that cannot be found elsewhere.

  Every Person Vibrates On Certain Number & Its Energy

  Every person is a number, he/she is embodied number. That is to say, the mass-chord of his whole constitution is in terms of a single digit, to which he answers in the gamut of life.

  If for instance, your number is 4, then you are in vibratory relations with all others who have number 6, and attracted to those who have number 8. But, you would have discordant relations with all people who have number 5.

  In the numerological series, each of the nine numbers from 1 to 9 have a symbol as their traditional value. These symbols are associated with the Sun and members of the solar system. All nine planets were assigned a number; therefore, they are used to represent or signify the planets that have its own energy realm. Hence, every number has its energy.

  How To Find Someone’s Vibration Number?

  The vibrations that most closely affect you are determined by the day, month, and year you were born. The vibration number has been called by various authors the life path, soul path, life cycle number, destiny number, life lesson number, and birth force. It is your essential being, what you are or have at birth; the special gifts you have that will help you accomplish your destiny. This vibration number cannot be changed and shows the direction you must take whether you want to or not.

  Vibration number is derived from the date of birth. It is total of the month, day, and year of your birth. For example:

    September 17 1950

    9 + 8 + 6 = 23 / 5

  From this birth date, the vibration we work with is 5 (self-emancipation).

  Are Numerological Calculations & Their According Modifications Life Changing?

  Numerology helps one in realising one’s potentials. Numerology is based on birth name and date and only name can be modified, not dates. So, definitely with properly following nameology, there could be a life changing experience. The world is full of examples of it from sportsperson, movie stars, politicians to common man living better life.