What happens to a person is characteristic of him. He represents a pattern and all the pieces fit. One by one, as his life proceeds, they fall into place according to some pre-destined design ~ Carl Gustav Jung

  People usually seek astrological recommendation for betterment of life by achieving success in profession, business or for gaining money however consultation for health and wellness is also observed. People take help of this ancient sagacity in devastating or troubled state of affairs where medicines appear to be not much effective. Medical science has limitation in treating several diseases and symptoms as it takes individual as simply physical body and avoid in understanding the astral body. Many-a-time remedial astrology works parallel to the medical diagnosis of individual. Astrology, along with other ancient wisdom is regarded as quackery and mere superstition by a segment of people who wish to be referred to as intellectuals by demeaning this subject.

  Authenticity of this subject has been questioned over and over however prevalence of this has not been restricted. Until 17th century astrology and health has no separation once the worldview of universe arrived through the Newtonian world machine. They both were complimenting each other. Hippocrates once said, “A physician without knowledge of astrology cannot rightly call himself a physician”. Sir Isaac Newton introduced theory of reductionism supporting deistic view that god has created the world as a ideal machine that then needed no additional interference from him and material reality and its operation could be understood by the process of taking matter apart and studying it piece by piece. Following the suit, western medicine started to view body as machine. Disease and body has got isolated and holistic approach has diminished. Medicines treated body as cold machines without feeling and thoughts thus made psychology a different faculty.

  The linear deterministic approach to nature and body promoted a fragmented perception of health, and a loss of the ability to foresee, to adequately evaluate, in all their complexity. This approach of Reductionist theory in medicine has divided whole body in parts and generated numerous specialists for treatment. Biologists are heightening its approach however reaching its limit. Despite their best efforts, scientists are far away from winning the war on cancer, owing largely to the complex nature of both the disease and the human organism. Health problems project through symptoms whose causes are not just the physical issue but any aspect of life which affect a person as whole. Your relationship, the environment you living in, unresolved stresses, the food you eat, traumatic events, psychological issues, mental issues and even spiritual matters make you unhealthy.

  Interestingly, here we are returning with the knowledge of the ancient medical astrology where this is attuned with the reality that any factor could be causing problems with one’s health, whether it was something they could or could not see. Fortunately more and more doctors are also seeing a need for a more holistic perspective; maybe in the future there will be more doctors who also incorporate astrology with their health care practice.

  While authenticating astrology for health, it has been discussed that holistic approach towards health, through available methods of therapy, requires understanding of astral presence and its impact on human being. And for that few questions will be sufficient answers; like- Why sunflower looks towards sun? Why all trees are slightly bent towards south in free surroundings? Why tides come on full moon? Why people pain and live in uneasiness even their all medical reports are normal? Why our mind is on extreme on no moon or full moon? All of you have some idea about this! Therefore It will be superficial here to discus about the importance of impact of stars on our life.

  With uncountable stars in this universe, planetary movement of few major ones keeps abundant importance in life. Our sages have seen the motion of theses major nine planets and studied its impact on life and its affairs and establish calculations for arriving on prediction of certain events. Besides these other planets also govern our life but in very negligible percentage that invariably left us on the mercy of unknown and unseen after calculations too and here clairvoyance and specific astrological quality of person matters.

  At certain time the position of each planet confines our life and its motto. And according to this we live our life based on our previous karma but there is always space for growth above this prediction where the power of psychology, spirituality and prayer matters. Based on the particular time the health chart or divisional charts of persons are prepared, denoting their individual placements in the twelve houses of horoscope. Through 27 Nakshtra, 12 rashis, 12 houses, each 30 degrees completing 360 degree or circle, aspects of planets, periods of planets, transition of stars, and background are the criteria for seeing the health aspect of any chart.

  To study the health aspect the significance of sign, house (from Rasi) and the planets ought to be super imposed and synchronized. The first house (ascendant) and its ruler; the sixth house, and its ruler along with the karaka of the respective house, Saturn denotes the diseases in Vedic astrology. The eleventh house is also an indicator of diseases. Along with eighth and twelfth house are seen for seeing severity to the cause of death and karma connection. With the help of horoscope and Gochara, the life of living creatures governed by the planetary influences can be predicted

  If the lord of sixth house and ascendant are together, the person will suffer from disease throughout his life. And if your Mars is in Cancer or Leo, prediction of you having ulcers, an eroded esophagus, GERD, or other digestive upsets, would certainly grip you in life there but severity of it depends upon you and how you handle the stresses in your life. Similarly other possibilities are seen and calculated but penetration and extent of affecting it depends upon precaution taken and remedies done.

  Astrology offers us with not just preventive diagnostic but have curative measures too. Administering medicine is supported manifold when combined with the astral remedies. In the present era when competition is at every level people tends to get problems more related to psyche. And in this there is a clear linkage between the planetary strengths, house, signs and diseases, general problems in life. For healing of the same one needs to work on both realms. Here for understanding we can see how to handle psychiatric problems.

  Significator for the psychiatric problems are the moon and mercury and we have to look in fourth house along with fifth. We all know the moon is significator of mind while mercury governs our nerves and communication abilities which in turn controlled by brain. Therefore moon and mercury should be corrected if a person tends to get depression, stress easily, or suffer from mental trauma or related diseases. This kind of problem could be long term or short term. Fourth house represents the mental status whereas fifth house signifies power of brain in assimilating various instructions. Affliction in theses houses in natal chart makes one to suffer on long term basis and transitory affliction shows short term problems.

  In psychiatric problems nothing can substitute the proper life style care along with prescribed medicine. But certainly the remedial astrology keeping the above aspects in mind helps one tremendously. Help from Ayurveda, naturopathy and yoga practice cannot be nullified here. The tools of remedial astrology boost the chances of one from recovering from the diseases. So one ought to do all the required things in tandem but without the help of this segment of astrology one cannot expect a complete recovery.

  Remedial astrology and medical astrology has a tremendous impact in our lives. This is that part of astrology tree which comes to our uses. When an astrologer speaks about the houses and its impact while being on a talk show or writing in column, it has little forbearance on a persons’ query, you want to know the predictive part of this calculation along with remedies. But in information driven age we not only have a tendency to delve into subject but also want to be abreast with a topic of discussion. And astrology is making a footing again in our life with gusto.