Get Astro-Numero Guidance From ForeZorba

Astrology is one dimension where all region, religion, geography or demography converges here. ForeZorba gives it holistic approach and treat it as tool to predict future and give remedies without being biased. Our take on this is to heal one rather than propounding any theme or dogmas. Here nature of stars and effect on mind and reflection on day-to-day life is shown rationally. An appealing initiative of ForeZorba is the result in form of; Astrocoun, Remedial Astrology, Numerology/Namology, Vaastu & Online- Consultation.

Astrology is like a snapshot of a particular place in time and space. And it can be told with various methods.

In the Asrto world, ForeZorba offers following methods:

 Horoscope Reading:

Horoscope is diagram of the position of planets and signs of the Zodiac at a particular time and place. Get your detailed report on year basis, five-year basis or full course of life basis with general analysis covering all aspect of life.

 Checking Compatibility of Horoscope:

It includes Ashtakoot Guna Chart, Manglik Dosh. Compatibility with conclusion about matching where the native's health and children, finance and relation with in laws, happiness and peace, growth and achievement shall be brought under consideration.

 Complete Numerological Report:

It includes detailed information about your important numbers, numerological chart, thereafter predictions on that with adjustment of name with number to get favorable results and other numerological remedies.

 Remedial Astrology:

Utility of astrology lies in the correct and effective remedies to our problem just like doctor prescribe medicine after check up with various ways. It can vary from Pyramid, Meditation and Mantra, Crystal, GEMS, Kavach, Locket to Music and Vastu.


Follow Vaastu guidelines to vibrate with Universal Positive Energy so that a person, family or even business inhabiting, become prosperous and progressive.

Choose any of the methods and our expert astrologer will give you guidance.

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