Emphasising overall growth of an individual, the aim of C2LST is to enhance professionalism and assimilating an attitude “hunger for growth with peace in mind” to improve performance of every unit, every team and hence helping in organisation’s growth.

With philosophy of celebrating work rather than making it a task for optimum productivity, the subjective approach of the training will give competitive edge, as employees will feel responsibly at ease in any stressed situation posed. Hence, for organisations this aspiring C2LST will put their employee for multidimensional growth for a profitable well round development of the previous one, which will get reflected with the betterment in individual’s productivity contributing team, leading group or project, winning a deal, more positive and optimistic attitude towards oneself and in any adverse situation too.

Aspects covered in C2LST programmes:

 Anger Control:

 Soft Skill Development

 Interpersonal Sensitivity:

 Intrapersonal Channeling:

 Stress Administration:

 Time Management:

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