Counseling with ForeZorba

The primary point of importance by ForeZorba is the attitude held by him toward the worth and the significance of the individual and due to that attitude he handles various counseling successfully. He appreciates persons who take counseling at the very early stage as to avoid the problem to exacerbate. Precaution is always better than cure.

Most of the time we talk of counseling which takes place here is in the one to one format where in the limited period of sessions the concern of the invitee (client) is addressed suitably. Instead of making a rigid structure of the session, we are flexible in taking care of the needs of the invitee and provide deeper space for reflection and realization. Self reflection is an important part of the counseling process.

As you open up more, revealing some of your unconscious state you will notice clarity in your thinking as far as your present situations are concerned. Part of the purpose of counseling is here, to facilitate clients developing their ability to cope with the stress and deal more effectively with difficult and challenging situation as they arise.

Analyzing Mind and its structure

Emotional Difficulties:


Understanding Social Responsibility:


Counseling must be taken by everyone in today's world where the dissatisfaction at the level of personal as well as circumambiency rates are going up like a rocket. Do not wait for that little problem of adjustment to turn into volcanic proportions.

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