DCS is proactively designed, high demand program of MWZ with an intention to provide you a right platform to clear your doubts and provide you with missing link in your quest for answers. Doubt is a fluctuation of mind arising from defect of knowledge or evidence results with unsettled state of opinion. And if one chooses or is forced to live with that it spoils relation, profession, career and above all happiness and peace of life. So in DCS you can question your doubts as ‘if there is questioning there is death of doubt’.


 What DCS deals with:

Doubts of any kind- personal to professional, physique to psyche, social to marital, love to sex, picking up career to partner, home to surroundings, god to material things, useful to useless.

 For whom this program is:

Students, executive, business persons, homemakers, retired people and almost anyone with a doubt.

 What happens if one lives with doubt for longer time:

Increase in Stress, lack in focus, indecisiveness, spoilt relationship with people and matter, obsessive compulsion.

The method used by the MWZ in this program is a blend of discussion and analysis. Facts are presented to the invitee (client) unknown to or ignored from them in dealing with the present situation. The program contains a single straight session which can be stretched to another if required.

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