RBP is designed and structured with a thinking of ‘live every relation up to the height’.

Relation is a logical or natural association between two or more entity for dealing mutually to belong together with an abstraction. So one should know to develop self awareness about ones own needs and the projection of same in relation adorably. The way in which one connects with another can be of – husband-wife, parents-children, friends (of different or same gender), teacher-student, senior-junior, mates (classmates, workmates, roommates, teammates etc.) various in laws etc. But the crux in all is to carry any relation with at ease.


 Aim OF RBP:

The aim of this program is to provide an integrated view of relationship while allowing invitees to focus on the specific functionality of their choice.

 What RBP deals with:

Relation anxiety, consistency in personal alliance, relation disappointment, divorce, carving personality in dealing with expectation and communication, syndromes after break-up.

 For whom this program is:

All those people who have an urge to keep relations in harmony, dealing effectively with couples, RBP’s structure suites everyone on the lookout for integration with life. A much balanced relation between male and female brings joy and happiness so balancing yin and yang is a must. This program is suitable for married couple or people in love or committed relationship. The program is helping many couple to make life celebration each day.

 What all can happen if one can’t hold relations:

Melancholy, Inclination to suicide, unhappiness, depression and mental disorders which can lead to physical problems.


To put oneself in the eternal love again and sustaining compatibility with another, the approach of MWZ consists of discussion, counseling and meditation. Whole program contains of six sessions with systematic proceedings- open to-heart, sensibility and togetherness, as termed by us.

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