SAP is structured so convincingly that it suits to a high profile businessman to a student, an executive or a homemaker. When hard works become overwork and it starts affecting your cardiovascular system adversely stress originate. There can be different causes for different person. Some of them will be understandable by logic some may not. Everything from ignorant people to poor planning and disorganization can inflict stress on a person. In a way stress is socially accepted mental illness. So seeing the gravidity of the issue with the time demand SAP is catering the need and urgency and making life easy.


 What SAP deals with:

It deals with Stress which can be said as the unclear reply of the body to the imposition made upon it. In the current scenario, stress comes across in every walk of life. And as much as one wish and work for stress free life, the task would be impractical to attain. So you must be thinking what is the way out? The issue should be addressed very delicately without wrestling from the front with it and switch from sickening stress to the healthy stress tactfully and with knack.

 As you might know it:

Healthy stress gives a direction to an individual’s life, motivate him and help him in being more productive.

 For whom this programme is:

The person from any geography and demography including both sexes. As stress is breaking every boundaries to take every person of society in its leap and it seems that not any class, division or section of geography is bereft of this fast spreading phenomenon. the programme is suitable for any person who want keep stress at bay or who is suffering from initial or middle phase of stress related problem till becoming it clinical.


The method used by the MWZ in this programme is a blend of counseling, assignment, meditation, self-analysis and making out guidelines. Facts are presented to the invitee unknown to them in dealing with the situation present. The programme is designed at two level and suitability of these depends on the person and their needs.

 Symptoms of and diseases due to stress:

The stress get manifested by these and its alarming if you find one or more in you:
Some grim effect of not timely addressed stress:
Disease caused by severe stress:

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