A signature program by ForeZorba offered to you that satisfy the needs and desires of your- self, befitting individual. An exclusive process serving to your requirement is suggested to you from the vast pool of methods available. For selecting suitable method, a proper discussion and analysis is done. Convincingly, every step of method is described to the invitee along with do's and don'ts. The program contains a single straight session which can be stretched to another if required.

What is Meditation used for:
Every human being is unique and their inner requirement is also different than why to follow same meditation process at all the time. Our need also differ with time hence according to that a process is required which suites you at that time. So we hand different meditation techniques to every people. These techniques are taken from various sources of the enlightened masters or are based on the current scientific researches. A blend of meditation which suites your taste, requirement and individuality. Here meditation is an amalgamation of science and art but is not a part of any belief system.
One session of Medicoun helps in totally changing the personality. It revolutionises it. So one can get meditation in nutshell and can practice as per their easiness and can reap benefit at the optimum. That means do these techniques at your own wanted place at per your own timings. A total freedom in practicing meditation to become free of your own problems. So just taste this experience.

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