ForeZorba has devised Power Meditation with Yogic touch to meditation taking into consideration two basic purposes - One is to discipline the mind and the other is to develop internal energy to fulfill the motto of celebrating life. This method will make you happier, creative and productive. Various meditation taught by ForeZorba are


This multipurpose meditation process is suitable for encountering the effects of current wear and tear due to environmental factors (social economical or personal). A well structured combination of active and passive meditation, is a 50 min activity consist of the given stages, puts you in the positive vigor again.

In the age of blogs and scraps this powered meditation brings out the best in you. Especially designed for youths and mid aged persons is much capable of clearing chaos and aligning your creative energy. A must do meditation is of 50 min activity and contains given stages.

A three week group meditation process which brings out extreme emotions from you and put you in a much relaxed state of mind for a longer time. This power meditation requires a primary preparation with other meditation to reap much benefit.

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