For keeping your energy at par for combating the regular strains and brunt ForeZorba provide regular classes for all. ForeZorba and conducive environment with music makes one feel rejuvenated on daily basis. Here you learn to take Yoga and Meditation as frolic-some activity and slowly-slowly it will become an element of life.

Provision of process rotates as per the time, season and situation demands. Different techniques, at different time, suiting to the group. The selection of process is done in such a way which suites the group.

 Yoga Classes:

Yoga for ForeZorba is a way to give a taste of meditation. His Zorbic yoga program is well customized and fully result oriented which has healed many with channelizing energy towards complete health. This synchronizing structured program needs to be practiced which will prepare you to enter into next level.

 Meditation Classes:

This group meditation supports each other to maintain the requisite energy within individual.

A unique combination of Bhramari Pranayama with Lotus Posture that keeps away much physical disorder (respiratory, digestive, insomniac, blood circulatory) at bay and let you calm and be stress free in any situation posed to you and increase concentration power as well as intelligence. And hence gives you immense joy.

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